Welcome to the Forgotten Lands!

Aakrana: The Forgotten Lands is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game currently being developed by Fly-by-Night Studios. The premise behind the Forgotten Lands world is to integrate a dynamic and ever changing AI and world events into an MMO experience. Some of the change and world shift will come from player and guild (house) politics but our goal is to have machine learning AI constantly evolve how it interacts with the world and the players in it. Think those are lofty goals? So do we, but we also know they are very achievable.

Development on Aakrana is just getting started after several years of hibernation. As we progress our technology milestones we will be providing updates here. Stay tuned as we fine tune our foundational server builds and begin to flesh out the details that will bring your new world to life.

Thank you for stopping by and welcome. It’s your world now!

Mark M.