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About Forgotten Lands

Aakrana: The Forgotten Lands is being designed to give online gamers a sandbox fantasy world where they can immerse themselves in actually playing a game rather than “grinding” a game. Our goal is to bring entertainment back to online gaming by providing a framework for our players to throw themselves into whatever aspect of the online community they want. Crafting, skill development, politics, harvesting, construction… It will all be there.

Our focus is to remove as much of the “leveling” component of online gaming as possible from the player experience. Allowing players to enhance, research and or learn skills via use rather than have level dependancies, or even levels at all is our goal. Trying to find a balance between providing that feeling of accomplishment and excitement as you progress in a gaming world without requiring a comitment of hours a day and months of grind to become “viable” is our biggest goal.

In the spirit of providing a great player experience we want to be upfront about toxicity in the community. Our intent is to take a zero tolerance stand on abusive chat and generally negative behaviour. Players in violation of our expectations will be removed from the game. We want to be clear that our goal is not to please everyone but to provide an amazing world for people looking for a more mature and fun experience in their online gaming.

We want to be careful about comitting to too many features and functions that players can expect to experience inside Forgotten Lands but at this time it is our plan to incorporate construction, mounts, monarchy and allegiance systems, crafting, skill and magic research as well as a controlled PvP experience. PvP will be in it’s own areas of the world and our intent for the design at this time is that players will be able to experience all of the wonders of Aakrana without being forced into PvP.

Aakrana will have a lot to offer our players and we are excited to have you be a part of it with us. Check back with us regularly as we update our implemented and planned features. Our focus will be on you, our players. All you have to do to know how committed we are is read our motto…

“It’s your world now!”

Welcome to the Forgotten Lands!

Aakrana: The Forgotten Lands is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game currently being developed by Fly-by-Night Studios. The premise behind the Forgotten Lands world is to integrate a dynamic and ever changing AI and world events into an MMO experience. Some of the change and world shift will come from player and guild (house) politics but our goal is to have machine learning AI constantly evolve how it interacts with the world and the players in it. Think those are lofty goals? So do we, but we also know they are very achievable.

Development on Aakrana is just getting started after several years of hibernation. As we progress our technology milestones we will be providing updates here. Stay tuned as we fine tune our foundational server builds and begin to flesh out the details that will bring your new world to life.

Thank you for stopping by and welcome. It’s your world now!

Mark M.