The Forgotten Lands

Aakrana: The Forgotten Lands is long standing, high fantasy, indie massively multiplayer game world being developed by Flybynight Studios. Starting way back in 2003, this project has evolved through many engines and iterations and 10s of thousands of logged developer hours. Although the journey shouldn’t always be about the destination, in our case we are excited to finally be nearing a stage with the engine and the game that will allow us to open up the servers to the public and start building the community with that oh so precious commodity.. YOU the player!

Our goal is to create a sandbox world, with storyline content, that players can enjoy but with a twist… We are working to create a world that adapts and changes based on player and guild actions. We want to provide that sense of excitement when you log in and find out what the various factions, monsters and deities have been up to since you last played.

Lofty goals for an indie? You bet! That’s why we’d love to hear from you. Join our discord and hang out. Heck maybe even get an invite to closed testing.. maybe.

It’s YOUR world now!