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The Forgotten Lands

Armor – Plate Leggings

Female model on the left, male on the right: H_P_T1_Legs_02 H_P_T1_Legs_03 H_P_T1_Legs_04 H_P_T1_Legs_05 H_P_T1_Legs_06 H_P_T1_Legs_07 H_P_T1_Legs_08 H_P_T1_Legs_09 H_P_T1_Legs_10 H_P_T1_Legs_11 H_P_T1_Legs_12 H_P_T1_Legs_13  

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Armor – Plate Gloves

Female model on the left, male on the right: H_P_T1_Gloves_02 H_P_T1_Gloves_03 H_P_T1_Gloves_04 H_P_T1_Gloves_05 H_P_T1_Gloves_06 H_P_T1_Gloves_07 H_P_T1_Gloves_08 H_P_T1_Gloves_09 H_P_T1_Gloves_10 H_P_T1_Gloves_11 H_P_T1_Gloves_12 H_P_T1_Gloves_13

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Armor – Plate Chest

Female model on the left, male on the right: H_P_T1_Chest_02 H_P_T1_Chest_03 H_P_T1_Chest_04 H_P_T1_Chest_05 H_P_T1_Chest_06 H_P_T1_Chest_07 H_P_T1_Chest_08 H_P_T1_Chest_09 H_P_T1_Chest_10 H_P_T1_Chest_11 H_P_T1_Chest_12 H_P_T1_Chest_13 H_P_T1_Chest_14 H_P_T1_Chest_15 H_P_T1_Chest_16 H_P_T1_Chest_17 H_P_T1_Chest_18 H_P_T1_Chest_19 H_P_T1_Chest_20

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Armor – Leather Hood

Female model on the left, male on the right: H_L_T1_Hood_02 H_L_T1_Hood_03 H_L_T1_Hood_04

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Armor – Cloth Chest

Female model on the left, Male on the Right H_C_T1_Chest_01 H_C_T1_Chest_02 H_C_T1_Dress_01 H_C_T1_ReligiousRobe_02 H_C_T1_ReligiousRobe_03 H_C_T1_ReligiousRobe__Red_01 H_C_T1_Robe_01 H_C_T1_Robe_02 H_C_T1_Robe_03 H_C_T1_Robe_04 H_C_T1_Robe_05 H_C_T1_Robe_06 H_C_T1_Robe_07 H_C_T1_Robe_08 H_C_T1_Robe_09 H_C_T1_Shirt_01 H_C_T1_Shirt_07 H_C_T1_Shirt_09 H_C_T1_Shirt_10 H_C_T1_Shirt_11 H_C_T1_Shirt_12 H_C_T1_Shirt_13 H_C_T1_Shirt_14 H_C_T1_Shirt_15 H_C_T1_Shirt_16 H_C_T1_Shirt_17 H_C_T1_Shirt_18 H_C_T1_Shirt_19 H_C_T1_Shirt_20 H_C_T1_Shirt_21 H_C_T1_Shirt_22    

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Armor – Cloth Boots

Female model on Left, Male on the Right H_C_T1_Boots_01 H_C_T1_Boots_02 H_C_T1_Boots_04 H_C_T1_Boots_05 H_C_T1_Boots_06 H_C_T1_Boots_08 H_C_T1_Boots_09 H_C_T1_Boots_10 H_C_T1_Boots_11 H_C_T1_Boots_12 H_C_T1_Boots_13 H_C_T1_Shoes_01 H_C_T1_Shoes_02 H_C_T1_Shoes_03 H_C_T1_Shoes_04 H_C_T1_Shoes_05 H_C_T1_Shoes_06

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Armor Appearance

The syntax for the file structure is: RACE (H)uman then TYPE (C)loth (L)eather (P)late then TEIR (T1) then SLOT (Boots, Chest, Gloves, Helm, Legs, Feet) then incremental Numbering xx Example: H_C_T1_Boots_01 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Aakrana is built up of many playable areas. These areas or zones are interconnected to allow players to move around the greater world. Zones: Southfolds

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Aakrana: The Forgotten Lands

The world of Aakrana is being created by a loose “team” of people operating as “FlyByNight Studios”. The world is a land of high fantasy, magic, and everything you expect from a modern MMO. Zones

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