A Great Beginning

The Forgotten Lands

A Great Beginning

January 1, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Wow would you look at that. Just over a month since the last dev blog and here we are again. Crazy! I had an ambitious goal to try and release to pre-alpha closed testing over the Christmas break. Not surprising, between hunting, busy work schedules and the most important thing.. family, well that didn’t happen but…

Amazing progress did occur:

Revamp of the player starting area. (Yes again)

  • New terrain
  • New detail textures
  • New detail foliage
  • New trees

Implemented an upgraded version of player storage

  • Players can now upgrade their storage capacity
  • Created a storage chest instead of banker NPC interaction

Animals invade Hagenville!

  • Angry roosters
  • Rats
  • Hoards of deer
  • Packs of wolves
  • A sinister looking snake
  • Mean old brown bear

UMA modeled MOBs

  • Currently just using one model but the potential is massive

UMA modeled NPCs

  • Currently the guardian but it is now fully tested and ready to roll out to the rest of the NPCs

I will be adding a bunch of new screenshots aaandd.. Our first in game video footage. I am hoping we have the largest (and slowest) part of the development cycle behind us. Don’t get me wrong, lots of improvements (bug fixes) and marginally functional sub systems that need improvement but I am really hoping the actual content creation phase can start “soon”™.

This is just a short update but I wanted to post the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pI_fgh8uo_k&feature=youtu.be )

And some new screenshots.

I wish you all a tremendously happy and rewarding 2020 and don’t forget… “It’s YOUR world now”