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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play today:

I can’t believe I am acutally able to type this but as of January 2023 we have the client and servers open to the public. The core game subsystems are in place and working as intended.

Currently the team is working on content to make the playable world more exciting and fun. After all, it’s all about the player experience! Don’t epxect a lot right off the hop but bear with us and give us your feedback as we continue to grow the content and world.

What stage of development are you in:

Open Beta is the short answer. Based on the industry in general though, we have a lot of the core game mechanics working well and our current focus is on content and adding unique feature sets to the game. Building more content will be our key focus for the remainder of 2023.

How big is the development team:

Very small. Flybynight Studios has been a one to two person operation since it’s inception in early 2003. Passionate gamers who wanted to “build a better mouse trap” got us to where we are today. Lot’s of people have come and gone over the years and the journey has been amazing. Check out our help wanted section or join us in discord if you want more details on what skillsets we are looking for and if you are really interested in seeing us grow.

Will this game ever release:

Sure, when it’s fun. Releasing a steaming pile of garbage that ends up as just another failed indie MMO is not an option for us. We have invested tens of thousands of person hours (yes these are all documented) to get us where we are at today and we will keep driving forward to improve what we have. When the player experience is fun, we’ll make sure to announce our release to the world.

Aakrana: Fungal Swamp

Check out our latest development videos!

Ya that’s right, we don’t just pretend to be working on the next big indie MMO, we did it and we’ve got the videos to prove it! Check out our YouTube channel and see what the world looks like.


Developer Updates:

Bare with us please as me migrate our old dev blogs and more importantly, start posting new ones!

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