Armor Appearance

Armor Appearance

September 4, 2023 0

The syntax for the file structure is:

RACE (H)uman then TYPE (C)loth (L)eather (P)late then TEIR (T1) then SLOT (Boots, Chest, Gloves, Helm, Legs, Feet) then incremental Numbering xx

Example: H_C_T1_Boots_01

Armor - Cloth Boots.

Armor - Cloth Chest.

Armor - Cloth Gloves.

Armor - Cloth Helm.

Armor - Cloth Pants.

Armor - Leather Boots.

Armor - Leather Chest.

Armor - Leather Gloves.

Armor - Leather Hood.

Armor - Leather Pants.

Armor - Plate Boots.

Armor - Plate Chest.

Armor - Plate Gloves.

Armor - Plate Helm.

Armor - Plate Leggings