Southfolds (Zone)

Southfolds (Zone)

September 2, 2023 0

Southfolds is the human starter zone. It is nestled in the foothills of mountain ranges to the South. The village of Haggenville sits along the eastern flank of the zone and is the primary community in the area.

In Southfolds, players start at an outpost along the South of the zone. The outpost has closed the gates to Southfolds to protect its residents from the recent unrest and raids ravaging the lands.

West of the Outpost is a small swamp full of plant life and the apothecary. North of that is a camp of Kobolds who are generally a scourge. North of the Kobold camp are the goblin mines. The goblins, driven by their orc masters, slave tirelessly at extracting ore and other precious materials from the deep mines.

Along the far Eastern ends of Southfolds is a large Orc village. Mostly slavers and traders profitting off their exploints in the goblin mines, these orcs are fierce and do not welcome outsides.